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Accordion and Charan-Po-Rantan

August 24, 2012

Charan-Po-Rantan are two sisters: an accordion player and a singer. They usually play with band “CanCan Balkan”, adding in saxophones and drums to their acts. A must listen if you like folk music.
They will have a new album out in Sept. 12.

One more song, with CanCan Balkan.



December 12, 2011

As I go back to Portugal for a couple weeks, I can not escape a japanese Fado post. Fado is a portuguese word for fate and also a music genre. Here I post two interpretations of songs from the famous singer Amalia Rodrigues, sung in japanese by Naomi Chiaki. As a side note, the dubious lyrics seem to me like interpretations rather than actual translations, which makes them even more interesting to listen to.
2週間ポルトガルに行って来ますので、ファドのポストから逃れることができないじゃないかと思っています。ポルトガル語で、運命は「ファド」と言います。それに、「ファド」というポルトガルの音楽ジャンルもあります。下記に日本人の歌手が歌ったファド曲の二つ。オリジナルのは「Amalia Rodrigues」が歌っていました。

The original, for those who don’t know:

Naomi Chiaki – “Naufragio” (Amalia Rodrigues)


October 26, 2011

Two – very different – examples of the japanese intrument Shamisen in contemporary bands. Yoshida Brothers, a very famous Shamisen duo; and DJ Krush, a Hip Hop DJ/producer.
日本の三味線。二つの現代のバンドだけど、二つのジャンルはぜんぜん違います。有名な三味線のデュオ「吉田兄弟」と HIPHOP の「DJ Krush」。

Take away shows and the streets of Tokyo

September 13, 2011

Today I chose a couple of songs with videos shot in the streets of Tokyo, which I think will provide a nice virtual traveling experience!
Two of them are Take away shows (played live on the streets). Shugo Tokumaru and Tenniscoats. Shimo Kitazawa, one of the locations, is actually a town next to where I was living before, with lots of bars, record stores and some concert spots.

Not a live show, but a good portrait of Shimo Kitazawa at night.