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More funk (and summer festival advertising)

June 21, 2012

Do you remember my post on Zainichi Funk?
Today I bring you some more funk. Accidentally, I just found out that most of these bands are going to the next Indie Festival in Shimokitazawa this July, so if you are in Tokyo on the 1st of July, make sure to pay these concerts a visit in Indie Fan Club Shimokitazawa! (Zainichi Funk, Petrolz and Gentle Forest Jazz Band, among many others)
前の在日ファンクのブログ・ポスト覚えていますか? 今日はまたファンクのような音楽を紹介しようと思っています。それも面白いだけど、偶然に今年の7月1日の下北沢のインディーズ・フェスティバルにはほとんどこのバンドたちが演奏します。在日ファンク、ペトロールズ、GENTLE FOREST JAZZ BANDなど!なので、よかったら是非行ってみてください。こっちは必ず行きますよ。詳しくはIndie Fan Club Shimokitazawa

Petrolz is worth a good listen. Vocal, bass and drums, here on a live performance which is part of the SLEEPERS FILM project, one in the same fashion as the famous TAKE AWAY SHOWS.

Although this Big Band band is a bit unrelated to the title, Zainichi Funk’s trumpeter also plays in it and it is DEFINATELY worth a listen. Here is a funny video from Gentle Forest Jazz Band.
下記にUPされているビデオは「GENTLE FOREST JAZZ BAND」の面白いビデオの一つ。このバンドはビックバンドで、カッコウよくて独創性があると思います!トランペットを吹いている人は在日ファンクのメンバーにもいます。

SAKEROCK is Zainichi Funk’s Kenta Hamano’s other band. Generally more famous than the former, however. Mostly instrumental, awesomely cool.


Funky stuff from japan

January 4, 2012

Zainichi Funk is just what the name says: meaning Funk which lives in Japan. It’s some funky stuff, have a listen.