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Post and math rock Top 5 (oops Top 6)

October 23, 2011

The contained excitement of post-rock and math-rock, with its powerful but voiceless sound, matches somehow very well with the Japanese reserve, I believe. And in fact there is a whole lot of amazing material around, in these genres.

“Mono”, one of the most famous post-rock artists worldwide, with some Classical influences.

“te'” with their always endless song titles

“Condor44”, Vocals in this kind of genre are pretty rare, there’s not much besides Sigur Ros (and Toe or downy, in Japan?).
このジャンルの中で「Condor44」のデュオはチョット珍しい。「Sigur Ros」と日本の「Toe」か「downy」と同じ形で声が出ています。

If you are curious about their closer to Indie-Rock songs, try this one!

“LITE” similar to Toe

For the ones not yet tired from my top 5, here goes a last song, by “downy”.


Tokyo instrumental concert scene

September 6, 2011

Yesterday I took a peek at one of the many concert hotspots in Shibuya (o-nest) and was surprised once again. 3 or 4 of lives per day, every day of the week, and this kind of club is all over town. Where they get so many bands from I don’t know, but they do seem not to end, even for sophisticated, experimental kind of genres. Anyway, discovered a couple new bands on the jazz / post-rock borderline.
昨日、渋谷にある多くコンサートハウスの一つ(o-nest)をのぞいて見ました.またびっくりしました.毎日、3か4ライブあります.そして、この種のクラブは東京でいっぱいあります.どこから そんなにたくさんバンドが来る私はわからないんですけど、終わらなさそう.とにかく、新しいジャズとポストロックの境界のバンドを見つけました.

And from a japanese guy on the venue I heard about those supposed to be the “gods” of the genre, toe and Special Others.
コンサートで日本人の男と話していた。彼によれば、そのジャンルの中で神のような存在のバンドがあるという。「toe」と「Special Others」。